Kaydin has had a long workout at the gym today and is finishing up his shower in the locker room. Mike walks in quietly and Kaydin doesn’t seem to notice him but Mike has noticed and takes a few glances over at Kaydin while he finishes drying off. The two begin to talk and notice how fit and muscular their abs are. Mike suggests that they should hook up one day but Kaydin doesn’t think he can take his big uncut cock. Mike sees it as a challenge and gets on his knees to service that sexy smooth monster cock. Mike strokes and sucks the big beast paying close attention to the foreskin as he rubs Kaydin’s gorgeous cock all over his face. After a nice long bj Mike is ready for that thick meat to be pushed inside his small opening. He takes a deep breath, and behold all 9 or so inches fits nicely. Kaydin goes balls deep pumping and fucking Mike’s small little ass. Mike rides that cock up and down enjoying the pleasure that ensues. You can only take so much with a cock like that and Mike is ready for a hot load all over his face and Kaydin is happy to oblige.



Trenton is enjoying the good life while his hubby works all day long. During the days Trenton likes to bask in the sun and hang out by the pool. Cameron on the other hand is at work throughout the day and when he arrives he notices that Trenton is nowhere to be found but Cameron has a good idea where he is. Cameron heads to the backyard where Trenton is laid out in swim trunks taking in the sun. Cameron’s mad at first considering he is the bread winner and, well Trenton, he’s just the trophy. Trenton calms him down and begins to kiss him and they take the action inside where Trenton treats his sugar daddy to some nice ass and cock sucking. Cameron is all about that ass and mouth and it’s all his to do with as he pleases. Trenton bends his sweet ass over and lets Cameron fuck him deep and hard. The two lovers make every second count as they suck and fuck until both their loads are dumped onto Trenton – he eats his own and Cameron repays the favor by licking up his load as well.



Jason is waking up to his alarm and about to begin his day. He first turns the alarm off and notices he has a raging morning wood and he strokes it a little bit than gets into his soccer gear. Once he is fully dressed and his protein shake ready he sees that he is still pitching a tent in his soccer shorts and there is no way he can play with a boner like this. He heads to the internet and begins to search for some hot porn to jack off too so he can relieve himself of this protruding menace. He drops his shorts and his cock is poking out the side of his jockstrap. He begins to rub and stroke his man meat while moaning with pleasure as he looks at pictures of other naked college studs. He loves to rub himself all over while stroking his dick and bending over fantasizing about a hard cock deep inside him. As he gets closer and closer to cumming he grabs his protein shake and cums all inside of it. He grabs the shake and drinks it all down to the very last bit. Now he can head out to soccer practice with a full stomach.



Troy has been chatting with Andrew using a popular dating application and they have been swapping pics back and forth for a while now. Troy wants that sexy ass and invites Andrew over but he is very anxious for him to arrive and so Troy paces around his room waiting eagerly. Finally Andrew arrives and immediately drops to his knees to service Troy’s big throbbing cock. He’s been waiting all day for that tight ass to be wrapped around his hard cock. He pounds his sweet hole deep and hard never giving Andrew a break except to switch positions. Troy is a tall strong man while Andrew is small and skinny but that’s the way Troy likes them so he can man handle his boys and mold them into any position possible. Andrew gives it up with lots of creamy cum and finally Troy blasts all over his face leaving both men happier than ever.



These sexy muscular men started the day out on the town and brought JR back for some hot three way pounding. Marcus and Billy were on the lookout all day and when they saw JR they knew he was the right man to bring back to the hotel and have a full on fuck fest. JR is the meat in this manwhich and his ass as well as his mouth get the cock balls deep, hard, slow and fast. The hairy chests, the grunts and moans from these men all intertwined together make for a great connection. They are all deeply focused one each other’s cocks and both Marcus and Billy get to fuck JR. So many positions in such little time but they end with a hot steamy train with all the men rubbing, kissing and edging their way to a glorious climax.



Its vacation time for these two lovers as they arrive at their luxury hotel which is hosting a huge gay party with live music and lots of booze. Sean and Andrew immediately start making out passionately letting their hands wonder all over each other’s bodies. They are out on the balcony making out while they feel the breeze against their naked bodies. Andrew is rock hard and ready to give his lover his cock deep inside but first he eats it clean to get it nice and lubed up for his long dick. Slow and steady they both take turns sucking, fucking and exploring one another. They have a party to attend but first they flip flop and now Sean gets to fuck Andrews’s tight ass. Sean has a thick big cock that he eases into that tight ass of Andrews. The loving passion between the two climaxes with an extreme shower of cum all over Andrews chest. Once done making sweet sexy fun on the hotel table they rush out and head to the party to finish the night off.




This already legenday Canadian actor and director has been working in the industry since 2003 to make as all moan with his beautiful bodie and his professionalism. When he got to muscled to be considered a twink he knew how to reinvent himself and now he keeps both acting and producing while he combines his work with his website where he sells his worn underwear for all his fans out there. Continue reading



He entered the industry in 2009 and after filming some solo videos and even a straight scene, this hunky former construction worker became the first Cocksure Men contract star in March 2009. He soon did his first hardcore gay scene with the very fortunate Dak Ramsey. His ripped, tattooed body and long, thick, cut cock have made him one of the latest gay-for-pay stars we’d all love to bang.

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Arpad Miklos was a chemical engineer in his native Austria before becoming a gay porn superstar. He worked for the best known directors including John Rutherford, Jerry Douglas, Kristen Bjown and Chi Chi LaRue. Although he always performed in the top role he also enjoyed sucking cock and getting his ass licked. His beautiful hairy muscle body and his ultra-masculine attitude made him a well known performer worldwide. Unfortunately he committed suicide in 2013 leaving a huge gap in the industry that’s not gonna be filled that easily. Continue reading


Adam Russo
adam russo

This amazing hunky daddy began in porn in 2010, right after turning forty. He is completely versatile and specializes in humiliating hot twinks and foot fetish. In only a few years he has become one of the most requested performers in the industry after working for many of the most important studios including Titan Media and Jake Cruise Productions.

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