Comes back home for Christmas

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Travis James is getting the Christmas tree ready so that when his boyfriend comes home from the army, he finds the house perfectly beautiful. But, when his boyfriend arrives, he doesn’t really pay attention to the tree and the lights. He cares more about his hunger for sex, and he can’t wait for his boyfriend to make a move. As soon as he walks in, he jumps all over him to fuck him.


‘Modern Family’ Character Actor Turned Tumblr Porn Star David Pevsner Has No Shame


“People can laugh at me and say, ‘Oh he’s just putting his dick up on the internet and getting off on it.’ If that’s what they want to think, that’s what they want to think.” I’m talking on the phone with David Pevsner, an LA-based actor, writer and performer best-known for writing some of the songs in the hit 1998 Off-Broadway musical Naked Boys Singing!, which was later turned into a feature film. Over the past year, the subjects of Pevsner’s songs for that show, which explore shame about the male body and the desire to be a porn star, have taken on a new meaning. A little over a year ago, Pevsner launched his own Tumblr called Shameless, an erotic photo site featuring nearly 15 years worth of pictures of the 56-year-old actor in varying states of undress and arousal.

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Rocco Steele Talks Escorting, Sobriety, and His Former Life as a Frat Bro


Adam: You’ve been in the industry for seven months, and you were escorting for two years prior?

Rocco Steele: I started escorting in the summer of 2012. I had been in corporate America for a lifetime. I started out working in the legal profession. Graduated from law school. Worked at law firms as a research assistant for many years because I never passed the bar exam. I took it twice and on the third try I decided, fuck it. I wasn’t really interested in it any more.

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What’s Hotter: Sebastian Hook Fucking, Or Getting Fucked?

sebastian-hook-mainOver the course of their first full year in the biz, GayHoopla has gotten better at the craft of porn-making. They had that multi-part, kind of creepy feature The Edge of Desire last month (there still might be a couple more parts to that on the way), and now they’ve got a pair of scenes with new guy Sebastian Hook, at least one of which is pretty ridiculously hot.
I’m not convinced that it’s his first time getting fucked in this scene from last week, but maybe it’s true. Or it’s his second, after working his hole open with a dildo and practicing with one of these bros. But he has a hard time staying hard at first once the dick is in him, so there’s that.

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USA- Top 10 Porn Searches 2014

The European porn producer CumLouder has revealed the TOP 10 porn searches on its website network for the United States and for several other countries around the whole world, as well as a deeper search that brings us information about six cities in each country.

The data for the US tell us something very surprising. The search term that hits the first place on the Top 10 list is “Asian” followed by terms like “mom”, “anal”, “POV”, “massage”, or “lesbian”.

The most popular porn searches worldwide

Lisa Ann has been the only pornstar who got a slot on the list by being the country’s favorite performer.

Another curious fact is the appearance of the search term “gay” on the last position of the Top 10 list, which is a porn genre that is being more demanded lately.

If we have a look at the cities, you’ll see that New York goes all the way down with the term “amateur”; Los Angeles maintains the country’s favorite with “Asian” and Washington goes all the way with “anal”.

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